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Patarev Style the
Mermaid Selene


Brand: SentoSphere
Age: Age: 7y+


Use Patarev to model the most beautiful fishtail for the magnificent Selene, the ash-haired mermaid!

Patarev Styliste is a new concept to learn about styling by creating clothes using revolutionary plasticine! It’s easy and it’s magic:

Spread the Patarev thinly
Use the stencil patterns to cut out the basic shapes of the clothes you want to create. The set provides 4 illustrated step-by-step instructions to teach you how to use stencils to make outfits.
Assemble them on the Lauren doll provided in the box
Complete the outfit by decorating it with markers, glitter, cutting fringes or even adding decorations made in Patarev!

Once the dough is dry, you can cut it to start over! If you cut the outfits neatly at the seams, you can remove the clothes and put them back on since they will have retained the shape of the body. 6 outfits can be made with this kit.

Patarev is a revolutionary plasticine: it dries in the open air, without cracking, so you can keep your creations. In addition, it does not stain or stick to fingers or tables! It is also bouncy, fragrant and the colors blend perfectly to create many, many bright colors.

Its light and elastic texture offers a tactile pleasure that facilitates and encourages creation regardless of age. An ideal creative and artistic activity to bring unlimited creativity to life!

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