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Galaxy popsine – My Small


Brand: SentoSphere

Age: 7y+


The popsine is a new natural materials and can be used stored and reapplied. It allows you to perform in just 5 minutes and without water supply, traditional vintage in casts. ‘An ideal product to help create all manner of items, such as a piggy bank for example), coloured popsine replacing the traditional materials such as plaster, with the added advantage of being in the mass. Lightweight, it’s never of bubbles but a satinised surface. By being reusable as many times as you want, this material will revolutionise the cast for that all generations come or really that good fun to create. The figurines can be recast in the microwave, as many times as the child wants, and decorated with paint in lots of different ways. In the dark, the kids don’t have to worry about. Under the Milky Way They have in their room recréée, they will dream and travel into space. And this simply due to the mould in the pack, the phosphorescent popsine, magic dough to glue without damaging paintwork and the plans of the main constellations. An original and creative set for boys and girls to fall asleep under a lucky star.

Natural material.
Easy and without water supply.

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