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Brand: SentoSphere
Age: Age: 7y+


This set offers 3 transparent bracelets whose patterns can be painted and repainted with a range of ten translucent colors. What a pleasure to be able to create your own jewels to match them with all your outfits, or to offer them!

Usage tips
Once the paint has dried, the paint film can be removed using a point (toothpick, tip of a pen) to allow the application of new shades to your jewelry.

It’s a repositionable paint! You can indeed make drawings that you can then stick to your window or on a glass surface! On a plastic sleeve, you can use the remaining Window Color paint after making your pretty bracelets to draw the patterns you want.

It’s very easy to do:

Slip the design of your choice inside this plastic sleeve
Have fun painting the outlines
Let dry a little then fill in the rest of the pattern, always with stained glass paint
After a few hours, your creations will be dry and translucent! You can now put them on your windows or your refrigerator!
Don’t panic, you can easily take off your creations to reposition them as you wish.

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