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Board Game


Brand: Haba

Age: 10y+

Dimensions (box): 24 x 8 x 24 cm


The players bravely navigate the most dangerous place in the land to keep their gemstones safe. Repelling down behind the great Iquazú waterfall, you must skillfully play your cards to place your gemstones in the best spots. Whoever can do this best, will win the game.

Content: 1 game board made up of 4 parts, with 5 interchangeable rock strips, 2 point boards, 2 plastic rails, 45 bonus tiles (35 light backs, 10 dark backs), 1 water frame, 8 water strips, 60 cards, 140 gemstones (35 in each of 4 colors), 1 gemstone box, 50 water drops, 1 water box, 1 set of instructions.

Players: 2-4
Age: 10y+
Playing Time: 50′

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