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Dress Up


Brand: GOULA

Age: 3y+

Dimensions: 23.4 x 6.8 x 23.4 cm


A very cute and immersive game, kids love to dress up their pet with the rulers! Dress up is a cooperative game, in which players must dress their dolls in all the colors of the rainbow before the sun comes up.

In a second variation of the game, each player tries to be the first to dress their pet. Each player in turn rolls the dice and moves his or her figurine to the number of squares indicated. If he lands on a cushion, the player takes the bar of the color of the square and places it on his animal. If he already has that color, he gives the bar to the player on the right.

When a player stops on a rainbow, all players take a bar of the color of their choice. On the sun square, the disc is rotated. When a player has dressed his animal, he adds the pair of glasses of his choice. All animals must be dressed before sunrise!

In the competitive rule, no bars are offered to the other players!

Players: 2-4
Age: 3y+
Playing time: 10′

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